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When self-mixing, you should not miss out on suitable mixing accessories

As a quality-conscious steamer Steambuddy's offers you all possibilities. For example, you will find ready-to-use E-Liquid, which you can simply use directly in your e-cigarette. Products from the Shake & Vape range contain everything you need to mix the liquid yourself: Base, NicShot and aroma are all included. If you want to combine everything individually and don't want to be bound to any specifications, aromas, bases and nicotine shots, which you order separately and combine completely according to your ideas, are the best way to produce a perfect E-Liquid for you. When it comes to self-mixing, the right mixing accessories are of course a must. We at Steambuddy's know this as experienced steamers. For this reason we offer you not only high-quality aromas, NicShots and bases, but also high-quality mixing accessories.
Take it into your own hands - we have the right mixing accessories for you

With us you will find all the mixing accessories you need for successful self-mixing. No matter whether you are already one of our experienced self-mixers or you are trying your hand at your own e-liquid for the first time - with our mixing accessories you are guaranteed to succeed! Especially if you are mixing for the first time yourself, it can be difficult to correctly estimate small units in the millilitre range. For this reason Steambuddy's offers you various syringes and cannulas in the field of mixing accessories. These have a gradual volume indication in millilitres to make dosing easier for you. If you are one of those steamers that exclusively use E-Liquids from our Organic Series and also attach great importance to purity and freedom from harmful substances, it will calm you down that we have stated what it consists of with all mixing accessories. For example, our complete syringe range is completely free of silicone oil, latex and PVC. Since we attach great importance not only to quality but also to hygiene, all syringes are sterilely packed and the cannulas themselves are of course sterile. In addition to suitable syringes and cannulas for dosage, every self-mixer also needs the appropriate bottles for storing the self-mixed E-Liquids. You can also find these under our mixing accessories. The E-Liquid Bottles are available in various sizes between 10 and 100ml filling volume. So it's up to you whether you want to start small or buy a whole supply - you'll find the right mixing accessories in any case with us.
Secure the best price when you order your mixing accessories

Before you order, it's worth knowing that we offer you exclusive discounts if you order a larger quantity. For example, if you order between five and nine syringes, you will receive a discount of 5 cents per syringe. If you need more than nine, the saving per syringe is already 10 cents. So it's worth ordering several copies at the same time. So you always have enough mixing accessories in your house when it comes to mixing your own liquids. The unbeatable graduated prices are also available for other mixing accessories, such as the E-Liquid Bottles. So if you order nine bottles or more, you will save 15 cents per bottle compared to the price you pay if you order between one and four bottles from us. What are you waiting for - order your mixing accessories from us now and enjoy the steam - just the way you like it.